Tuesday, September 01, 2015

after nihilism, or The day Superman got something in his eye

It was a fine morning and Superman was out surveilling the eastern seaboard of his native land (not Krypton). Then he was called to the Mullah's office. When he (Supermn) arrived it was already past noon. Gathered in the Holy Sanctimony of Mullah the Supreme Knower of All Things Earthly and Divine, was not only the Mullah and his self, but also his secretary, his secretary\s secretary, and his secretary's sectretary's undersecretary. It was a meeting that would be thoroughly documented.

The Mullah opened by asking what Superman believed in.

"Believe in?" Supe said.

"Are you a man of the Church?" the Mullah continued.

"Well, I digest as much of the commonly circulated scripture as any man, so..."

"Don't go on, Supe," the Mullah interrupted. "Let's test your powers of deduction. What if..." and here the Mullah raised his one eyebrow slightly, which made him seem the more cleverer, "what if tomorrow the scripture would be abandoned for some reason or other, say we'd no longer perceive it the same way due to some event or such, what it the whole scaffolding that supported your everyday life was torn down..."

"Yes, yes..." Supe retorted impatiently.

"If some such event happened, who would then supply your values?"

"Would that not be Supe his self," squeeked the lowest of the Mullah's undersecretaries.

"Shut up, you fool," said the Mullah's secretary. "Take notes, that's what you're paid for, and let Supe do the thinking with his Over-brain."

"Well, it certainly couldn't be _I_, as _I_ wuz made by the scripture that you so thoroughly refuted," Supe said.

"That's very true," the Mullah said, waiting for the punch line to thishere tail.

"So if _I_ didn't make my values, and they're not originated in Scripture, then who made them?"