Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Up to the Limit

One afternoon B Suit and his fiancée, the lovely A Woodland, decided to go for a relaxing evening at the local club, the Limit. What they didn't know -- could not in fact have known, as it was a last minute alter(n)ation -- was that playing this very evening was famed Teutonic outfit Accept, featuring leather clad falsetto vocalist Uuuuuu-do DirkSCNEIDER.

As B Suit and A Woodland settled with their Cuba Librés, Accept took to the stage, the modest -- but highly VOCAL -- crowd greeting them, cheering UUUUUU-Do, UUUUU-Do, etc.

Herr DirkSCNEIDER pierced the room with the following _liedl_:

Do me a favour and leave me alone
The most I love you is when you're gone
Please, disappear and don't come back
I'm not the kind of guy you can check
All I can say -- out of my way
Before I get to the top
All I can feel is wild running blood
Please stop -- you better watch it
It's getting up to the limit
Up to the limit, etc.

with appropriate Teuton accent.

B Suit and A Woodland agreed they'd had a fine evening at the Limit.

"Fortunately there was no POLITICAL commentary," Suit remarked as they returned _zu ghause_.