Tuesday, October 28, 2014


The forecast says blizzard
The forecast says earthquake
The forecast says mountains block the path
The forecast says floods
And yet the blizzard wears a nice hat
And yet the earthquake has ample savings
And yet the mountains enter long cars
And yet the floods have the police at their disposal

(B Brecht)


It's somewhat curious that the architects of  the s.c project for a new American century were very well versed in Lenin -- as if knowing or even appreciating the great masters of Marxism didn't give a direct (i.e. necessary) relation to a Stalinist programme.

Brecht would himself know intimately what it was like being persecuted by a party line. Before the failed putsch in Munich his name had been put on a list of people scheduled for incarceration. As you may know he famously fled Germany in the 1930s, lived in Denmark for a number of years, before taking refuge in the US, where he was marshalled before the Committee of Un-American activities during the McCarthy-regime.