Friday, December 27, 2013

The situation

Nothing like a good shave... mechanically executed?

Paal Brekke:
The Situation *

The situation has changed it's loaded with sex orgies and inebriated 12 year-old black folks approached with batons and electric cattle whips only those who believe in God can have Canadian citizenship

It was a morning like all others and I awoke with the same feeling I always have that something is lost I don't know my wife made breakfast and I went downstairs to fetch the paper put it on my lap and shaved it says bz

To hell with the UN Sukarno screams leaving the body by the road side Little Devils is the name of this battalion Chinese school boys two boys found dead after biker gang invasion buddhist monk burned alive

What are you saying I'm reading the paper no I can't hear you I'm shaving it says bz you know it's like sitting inside the sound enclosed by bz they could detonate hydrogen bombs call the national line but there isn't anyone there I'm in bz like once when I traveled alone and to flat bottles of whisky bought on the plane and I held them I was alone drank into bz a closed room but without walls the walls were like me also Was mother? was bz

Still many lamp shades made of human skin in Germany Mouth Spray with dosage valve gives you a fresh breath South Vietnamese soldiers interrogate prisoners by holding their heads under water the free world awaits

And so what? I blew the facial hair from my facial hair machine and opened my blinds and the morning out there was fine was February to father so clear and dark blue as wine Oh children children! I would have yelled I rocked stopped in my throat like a pregnant to have to vomit before breakfast and to hell the worst of course is waking up I thought and dressed and sat by the breakfast table unfolded th paper it was after all only read half way Quiet kids, said I

What You see to Your left is a radioactive onion

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* "Situasjonen" from Pink crooked smile (Det skjeve smil i rosa), 1965.