Friday, March 01, 2013

Bishop in America

"It was just before the Great Calamity broke out that he left the country -- on a return ticket -- to Florida, South in America. While at sea, the inevitability brought about an abrupt alteration in the country's bilateral relations," phatic wrote in his journal.

"John Bishop and the other foreign passengers were separated from the locals on arriving at their destination, encamped in an enclosed part of the city, and held at the Government's order for weeks. When their internment ended and they were allowed to leave the camp, Bishop and his fellow inmated could not leave Florida until the Calamity ended. By then Bishop didn't have any choice but to stay -- for purely economic reasons."

It was while there Bishop authored his unitary theory of sucked up factionalism. It has since acquired a sanctified position as a founding theory of the academic field of fellated theory.