Wednesday, April 07, 2004

On 6 Apr 2004 at 17:15, Michael Geary wrote on lit-ideas:

Do you like my subject line (gigawatt chivalrous inflammatory handyman drainage)? All life['s] a random event. So it's randomness we must order into meaning. Here is a perfect phrase to practice on, say I. I suggest a contest to determine what that subject line is all about.

Dear Mr Geary and Judge(s)

We here at the Utopos Office of Spam Encryption (UOSE) would like to submit the following entry in your contest. It was devised by taking advantage of author Diderik Humble Jr.s self-devised Encryption Routine, programmed in Pascal, to produce the following:

gigawatt, proper name, possibly a symbolic representation of a distant relative of President Megawati, who is up for elections. here it serves as interpellative, as in

* gigawatt, i want you to do something for me, and here comes what it is...

which renders the proper transcription thus:

1. "Gigawatt, [perform the] 'chivalrous, inflammatory handyman drainage' [now, please]"

which makes it obvious that the implied narrator instructs Gigawatt to operate a particular KIND OF handyman drainage. These considerations leads us to the question of what the "chivalrous [and] inflammatory" type of handyman drainage would be. On this the Routine remains silent.

On behalf of UOSE,